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Oscar Noms! SQUEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so if you know me, you know I love the Oscars.  Today the nominations came out and now the fun begins.  Below are the top 5 categories and the rest are below the cut.

Best motion picture of the year
 The Departed
 Letters from Iwo Jima
 Little Miss Sunshine
 The Queen
Performance by an actor in a leading role
 Leonardo DiCaprio in Blood Diamond
 Ryan Gosling in Half Nelson
 Peter O’Toole in Venus 
 Will Smith in The Pursuit of Happyness  
 Forest Whitaker in The Last King of Scotland  
Performance by an actress in a leading role 
 Penélope Cruz in Volver  
 Judi Dench in Notes on a Scandal 
 Helen Mirren in The Queen  
 Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada  
 Kate Winslet in Little Children  
Performance by an actor in a supporting role
 Alan Arkin in Little Miss Sunshine   
 Jackie Earle Haley in Little Children  
 Djimon Hounsou in Blood Diamond  
 Eddie Murphy in Dreamgirls  
 Mark Wahlberg in The Departed  
Performance by an actress in a supporting role
 Adriana Barraza in Babel  
 Cate Blanchett in Notes on a Scandal   
 Abigail Breslin in Little Miss Sunshine   
 Jennifer Hudson in Dreamgirls  
 Rinko Kikuchi in Babel  
Achievement in directing
   Babel   Alejandro González Iñárritu
   The Departed   Martin Scorsese
   Letters from Iwo Jima   Clint Eastwood
   The Queen   Stephen Frears
   United 93   Paul Greengrass 

OK, so a few surprises for me.  How about you?  I'll be giving more in depth commentary and some early predictions in later posts.  ;)
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Just a quick bitchy musing about work. Why, oh why, am I expected to stay 30 minutes later than everyone else to "field any phone calls for last-minute telex releases" when department policy is to NOT ANSWER THE DAMN PHONE! I mean seriously. All customer calls are supposed to be fielded through the manager and/or supervisor for the simple purpose that we are NOT front-line customer service. We are not supposed to talk to them unless it is through an e-mail, or unless WE need something (like a valid address) from THEM. It's totally pointless.

But hey, I at least got a really good score on my year-end review, which guarantees me a bonus and a raise come April. My supervisor said that it was incredibly rare that an employee scored as high as I did on their first review. So...yay me! :D

In other news, James is doing well. He goes Tuesday to have his staples removed. I will be happy when he is all better. Almost-immobile James is not as fun as Happy-bouncy James.

And on Monday, Dax officially becomes a clawless eunuch. Yep, he's getting snipped and clipped. Actually, he's getting the new laser de-clawing that does not hurt the kitties like the old "yank it out" method. Hmm... I wonder if they use a laser for the neutering, too....

The Dreaded Yuck

Ick. I am home sick from work today. It's a sore throat with hacking cough and fluctuations in temperature. Also included is an overall feeling of bleah. It seems to fairly popular in my office, as I am the third reported case.

I really didn't want to call in sick as I'm taking two days off next week for James's operation. *sigh* I need to keep some PTO unused for our anniversary/legal marriage document trip to Canada this June. I'd really hate to use it all up before the year is halfway over, but I guess when you gotta stay home you gotta stay home.

So I'll just sit here and watch TV and plan the menu for my Oscar Party.

Later, Homes!
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10 Things 2006 (apologies for those who may see this more than once!)

Hey everybody! It's that time again.

Now some of you may remember this but I haven't really done it in a couple years and there are some new folks so I'm gonna go over the rules real quick-like.

During this time of year people start making resolutions on things they want to change, but I like to make a different list. Every passing year brings moments that matter. Moments that maky us laugh, cry, jump, soar and some that even change our life. It is important to remember these moments, and so I make a list. A list of 10 moments from the past year. They can be big events, or small thoughts. They can be good, or they can be bad. They can be globally significant, or just important to me.

I invite everyone to join in and make your own list. Share it, or keep it to yourself. It's not important who sees it or not. And remember - it's not a test, you won't be judged or anything. Hey, it's your list. Who is anyone else to tell you what you want to remember.

So withouth further adieu, here is my "10 Things" List 2006 (in no particular order):

1. Becoming Mr. Hanson-Brown
2. Getting hired on permanantly at Maersk
3. Getting the Q3 QUality Achiever award at Maersk
4. Playing Bernard at TRF with the best group of Frenchies anyone could ask for
5. Kissing James on top of the Empire State Building
6. DAX!
7. My new computer
8. My new tattoo
9. Spending the entire day at the movies with James

and lastly...

10. Going to my first office X-mas party and being the only person with enough balls to stand up and sing karaoke in front of everone, including the big brass (and looking damn good while I did it, too!)

Well, there it is. Some of it might not mean anything to you but it all meant something to me. Have fun, and have a Happy New Year!


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Hello my little rays of sunshine!


I was sitting here at work waiting for James to come get me when I suddenly felt the strongest urge to login to LJ and see what was going on. While I'm here I guess I'll say howdy and talk a bit about how life's been going. Well, it's been going good. Married life suits me. But then again we just cuddle on the couch watching CSI and Sci-Fi shows like we did before the wedding.

WOrk is good, though I'm starting to get really bored with it. Some days we have so little to do that I end up just sitting here and other days we are so rushed that before I know it it's time to go. But thn again I guess that's the way work goes in the corporate world.

Well more on me later. James is here and we have to hurry to the store so we can get home in enough time to watch "The Lost Room" tonight!

C-ya! Love ya!
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What is this large, painful, bright thing stabbing my eyes?

Ah! It's the sun. So THAT'S what was on the other side of that rock I've been under. Huh. Who knew?

So anyway. How's it going everyone? Nice to see you guys. Don't have much time to talk, cause James and I have something to do today, but I have to tell you all a couple of things.

First of everyone get their spurs all shiny and put on your best set of chaps 'cause it's almost time mor my Second Annual Oscar Gala Themeed Bash Thingie! And this year, in honor of nominees (oh yeah, like they won't be) Brokeback Mountain and Walk the Line This year's theme is: A Western Chili Cook-off! That's right bring some chili, or cornbread, or just your own self in your best hat and enjoy some great food and great friends. The date is March 5th (yeah, it's a Sunday, so I will unnerstand if you can't come) but you're all invitied and I'd love to see you guys. I'll be making official inquiries, but if you read this and feel like comin just let me know.

Now, the second thing you need to know is: JAMES GAVE ME A RING! Yep we are gettin hitched! June 17th. Mark it. Invitations are forthcomiing as we only a couple days ago found out we officially got the location. And that's why Ihave to jet now. We're heading to the stationary store to check stuff out. Then to the cake place. WOOT!

I love you guys! And I will update more often.

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Happy Berfday Dave!!

Hey hope you don't think I forgot your day. It's just since Rita hit we've been having "hour long" rolling blackouts that last 4-6 hours every freakin day. ALl the food in our frige was ruined already and now we can't go buy more stuff because we never know when the lights will go off. Ugh...

But enough about me! Here are your birthday pics freshly stolen from the web!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Hope you had fun!


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