January 18th, 2007

evil sponge

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Just a quick bitchy musing about work. Why, oh why, am I expected to stay 30 minutes later than everyone else to "field any phone calls for last-minute telex releases" when department policy is to NOT ANSWER THE DAMN PHONE! I mean seriously. All customer calls are supposed to be fielded through the manager and/or supervisor for the simple purpose that we are NOT front-line customer service. We are not supposed to talk to them unless it is through an e-mail, or unless WE need something (like a valid address) from THEM. It's totally pointless.

But hey, I at least got a really good score on my year-end review, which guarantees me a bonus and a raise come April. My supervisor said that it was incredibly rare that an employee scored as high as I did on their first review. So...yay me! :D

In other news, James is doing well. He goes Tuesday to have his staples removed. I will be happy when he is all better. Almost-immobile James is not as fun as Happy-bouncy James.

And on Monday, Dax officially becomes a clawless eunuch. Yep, he's getting snipped and clipped. Actually, he's getting the new laser de-clawing that does not hurt the kitties like the old "yank it out" method. Hmm... I wonder if they use a laser for the neutering, too....