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What is this large, painful, bright thing stabbing my eyes?

Ah! It's the sun. So THAT'S what was on the other side of that rock I've been under. Huh. Who knew?

So anyway. How's it going everyone? Nice to see you guys. Don't have much time to talk, cause James and I have something to do today, but I have to tell you all a couple of things.

First of everyone get their spurs all shiny and put on your best set of chaps 'cause it's almost time mor my Second Annual Oscar Gala Themeed Bash Thingie! And this year, in honor of nominees (oh yeah, like they won't be) Brokeback Mountain and Walk the Line This year's theme is: A Western Chili Cook-off! That's right bring some chili, or cornbread, or just your own self in your best hat and enjoy some great food and great friends. The date is March 5th (yeah, it's a Sunday, so I will unnerstand if you can't come) but you're all invitied and I'd love to see you guys. I'll be making official inquiries, but if you read this and feel like comin just let me know.

Now, the second thing you need to know is: JAMES GAVE ME A RING! Yep we are gettin hitched! June 17th. Mark it. Invitations are forthcomiing as we only a couple days ago found out we officially got the location. And that's why Ihave to jet now. We're heading to the stationary store to check stuff out. Then to the cake place. WOOT!

I love you guys! And I will update more often.


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