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Hello my little rays of sunshine!


I was sitting here at work waiting for James to come get me when I suddenly felt the strongest urge to login to LJ and see what was going on. While I'm here I guess I'll say howdy and talk a bit about how life's been going. Well, it's been going good. Married life suits me. But then again we just cuddle on the couch watching CSI and Sci-Fi shows like we did before the wedding.

WOrk is good, though I'm starting to get really bored with it. Some days we have so little to do that I end up just sitting here and other days we are so rushed that before I know it it's time to go. But thn again I guess that's the way work goes in the corporate world.

Well more on me later. James is here and we have to hurry to the store so we can get home in enough time to watch "The Lost Room" tonight!

C-ya! Love ya!

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