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10 Things 2006 (apologies for those who may see this more than once!)

Hey everybody! It's that time again.

Now some of you may remember this but I haven't really done it in a couple years and there are some new folks so I'm gonna go over the rules real quick-like.

During this time of year people start making resolutions on things they want to change, but I like to make a different list. Every passing year brings moments that matter. Moments that maky us laugh, cry, jump, soar and some that even change our life. It is important to remember these moments, and so I make a list. A list of 10 moments from the past year. They can be big events, or small thoughts. They can be good, or they can be bad. They can be globally significant, or just important to me.

I invite everyone to join in and make your own list. Share it, or keep it to yourself. It's not important who sees it or not. And remember - it's not a test, you won't be judged or anything. Hey, it's your list. Who is anyone else to tell you what you want to remember.

So withouth further adieu, here is my "10 Things" List 2006 (in no particular order):

1. Becoming Mr. Hanson-Brown
2. Getting hired on permanantly at Maersk
3. Getting the Q3 QUality Achiever award at Maersk
4. Playing Bernard at TRF with the best group of Frenchies anyone could ask for
5. Kissing James on top of the Empire State Building
6. DAX!
7. My new computer
8. My new tattoo
9. Spending the entire day at the movies with James

and lastly...

10. Going to my first office X-mas party and being the only person with enough balls to stand up and sing karaoke in front of everone, including the big brass (and looking damn good while I did it, too!)

Well, there it is. Some of it might not mean anything to you but it all meant something to me. Have fun, and have a Happy New Year!



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